Mamut Manifesto

In the immensity of mega continents, mammoths walked long distances and in large groups, marking their existence forever on the planet. Naturally, we are a group that brings together the whole world, in what was once the “core” of the earth, Chapada Diamantina.

We are more than an ecotourism agency. We are defenders of Serra do Sincorá, local traditions and our ancestors. We build bridges between humanity and the natural world (which need to be rebuilt very urgently). Just like the ancient mammoths, we walk out of love, solidarity, respect, resistance… We were born to walk and we walk to live, thus honoring the web of life that unites everyone in the Universe.

Our strength lies not only in our grandeur, but also in our memory and intelligence. That never allows us to forget where we came from to the same extent that we know very well where we want to go. In addition to all the insight to admire the gift we receive every day, the beauty of the paths and processes.

Just as mammoths protected the members of their herd, we are here to ensure the safety and well-being of our travelers. In addition to the rigorous protocols that result in safe and unforgettable experiences, we deeply value the experience of those who cross our path.

Join our gang. Together, we will explore, learn and celebrate the beauty and diversity of the world, always remembering that we are part of something bigger, something worthy of protection and admiration.

Welcome to Chapada Diamantina and Mamut, where nature is our home and the community is our family, where we believe in a more supportive and conscious world for everyone. Together we are stronger. Together, we are imposing. Together, we will leave a mark on our respect, commitment and love for the land we call home.

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